Luna Tic Eclipse

Luna-Tic Eclipse, the masseuse with a Masters degree in Writing, won’t just work over your body, she’ll pen the dreaded tale about it too! Originally from the North East, Luna-Tic has lived just enough in the south to gain all the southern charm of the best of belles as well as plenty of combat secrets from her time in the military. Luna knew she was destined for derby when she was being thrown off the local roller rink for unladylike behavior at the ripe old age of 13. Known for her long, long, dangerous legs that entangle her opponents, Luna’s innocent disposition is what first catches many of her foes off guard!

Are you for real?


  • Driving like I skate
  • Skating like I drive
  • Jeeping
  • Writing obituaries

Favorite Movies

  • Scarface


Favorite Music

  • Black Keys: Act Nice N' Gentle